We’re Beyond That – single out now

My new single We’re Beyond That is out in the world. I wrote it on my birthday a few years back, thinking about getting over grievances of the past, that there are always far worse things happening elsewhere, so it’s about getting perspective, realising time has helped move you forwards, helped you mend, and helped you decide what’s important. Note to self. That eve The Village Butty moored near our mooring on the Regent’s Canal, putting on one of their brilliant nights ‘Jam on the Butty’ – it’s a music barge owned by lovely people with a bar and lots of musicians and revelry – a bunch of us went and I had the pleasure of the musicians indulging me playing my new song and them all jamming along – was a blast – I hope they come back to the neighbourhood soon! The song has a line in it about getting struck by lightning – later back at my friend Ollie’s boat I was looking out of his hatch across the water and a single bolt of lightning came down – just the one, and there wasn’t another all night. True Story! Thankfully it didn’t strike me tho… Image above is my artwork for the track (available as a print soon) and below a scuzzy piece of paper from way back with the lyrics on.

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