We’re Beyond That – single out now

My new single We’re Beyond That is out in the world. I wrote it on my birthday a few years back, thinking about getting over grievances of the past, that there are always far worse things happening elsewhere, so it’s about getting perspective, realising time has helped move you forwards, helped you mend, and helped you decide what’s important. Note to self. That eve The Village Butty moored near our mooring on the Regent’s Canal, putting on one of their brilliant nights ‘Jam on the Butty’ – it’s a music barge owned by lovely people with a bar and lots of musicians and revelry – a bunch of us went and I had the pleasure of the musicians indulging me playing my new song and them all jamming along – was a blast – I hope they come back to the neighbourhood soon! The song has a line in it about getting struck by lightning – later back at my friend Ollie’s boat I was looking out of his hatch across the water and a single bolt of lightning came down – just the one, and there wasn’t another all night. True Story! Thankfully it didn’t strike me tho… Image above is my artwork for the track (available as a print soon) and below a scuzzy piece of paper from way back with the lyrics on.

Tell Me Where To Go – Single Artwork

Pleased to share artwork I’ve made for forthcoming single Tell Me Where To Go. The journey of a song is of fascination to me. I’ve definitely not had a song that has ended up being explored visually as much as this one. The stop motion animation that rose out of this song (out on 29.09.23) became a new story and journey, and was certainly an underestimated undertaking. The artwork is a response to the animation. And now all three will go off out into the world! But it all began with some words, a melody and some tinkering on a guitar, what must be over five years ago now. It’s been a journey.

Artwork for Tell Me Where To Go by Peter Beatty 2023

Tell Me Where To Go – Single + Video out 29.09.23

New single Tell Me Where To Go comes out on the 29th September and with it a stop motion music video. This animation project started in June 2021, so it’s been going on in the background for a long time, and I’m so excited to finally share it.

In advance of public release it’s been doing the rounds at film festivals and has so far already picked up a number of selections, nominations, and even a couple of awards. This includes Best Music Video at the London Independent Film Awards, and nominations for Best Music Video at the Cannes World Film Festival and the Los Angeles International Music Video Festival, and it looks set to be screened far and wide, from Croatia to Canada. All of which feels pretty wild. Even more wild, is that in July Tell Me Where To Go was also awarded Best Song at the Cannes World Film Festival. Wildest.

Very proud of the result of both the song and the video. With me on the epic voyage of the animation was co-Director Joseph Boyle. The song features the amazing production skills and musicianship of multi-instrumentalist Fred Thomas and the gorgeous vocals of singer and pianist Miranda Joy.

Tell Me Where To Go – out on 29.09.23